We did a thing, we opened a video store in the age of the Internet... some may call it folly, but hey its 2020, and shit is getting real. Might as well do the stuff you love right?

We were sick of the endless trolling on Netflix, and there was a slightly unhealthy obsession with the analog films, so we had to give this collection some air and share it with our hood. And with a bit of blind it LIVES!

Dead Video is a small locally owned video store in Lyttleton, New Zealand. Rare and ridiculous VHS, Blu Ray, DVD for rent and sale, plus movie memorabilia, hard to find bits and cool stuff you simply must have!

And now, if you’re not in the hood – we have ALL THE THINGS now uploaded for all your film and movie merch needs!

Who is the person behind this madness you ask? Well introducing Evan “All the best films are trash” Kiddey. A 1980’s horror movie fan boy.

Kia Ora!

I’m a chef by trade, dad to 2 “energetic” boys, partner of one hella boss-lady and wrangler of 2 small dogs. We all live, work and play in the lively and slightly infamous port town of Lyttelton, NZ.

I love movies, that’s it*. Blockbuster, 90s Cheese, 80s Horror, B-Grade horror splatter fests, Art house, Disney and Pixar. Just pass the popcorn and come at me… 

I love watching my trash films in the highest quality possible, and the visual quality on those streaming sites just don’t cut it sorry folks… And they don’t have those hard-to-find titles! So I started picking up DVDs here and there… they started filling the shelves. And the spare room. And the garage. The collecting took on a life of its own. Then when the numbers clocked over a couple of thousand, I realised I needed to do something and share the love.

So here we are. Rare, Cult, B-Grade, Speciality VHS and DVD and Blu Ray all for your viewing pleasure. And who knows we might even chuck up a lazer disc!

So go on…have a look, and lets keep physical media alive and kicking!

And hey - we've moved - Come find us at our new store -   56 London St, Lyttelton.
Open for all your movie & merch pleasure...
Thursday 12 - 5pm
Friday 10 - 6.30pm
Saturdays  9 - 3pm
Sundays 10 - 2pm
( New shop pics coming soon) 

*Actually also loves – Black coffee, burgers, dill pickles & hot sauce.